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Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance


With the National Police Memorial as a focal point and highlighting the positive image of police in the promotion of motorcycle safety and awareness, this has now become a much anticipated annual charity event in commemoration of the service and sacrifice of our police and for each of the States to raise much needed funds in support of their police charity organisations.

Each of the Australian Police Forces has a dedicated place of remembrance and reflection, where they pay homage to and remember their police officers who have died as a result of their service to the community.  From these sites a very special journey begins with the intention of arriving at the outskirts of our national capital to meet and join the other contingents of riders from across Australia.

In a final gesture of police solidarity and remembrance, the ride travels through Canberra to the National Police Memorial for a short, but poignant ceremony to commence the week in honour of our colleagues and mates; their names recorded on the touch stones of the memorial wall.


Open to serving and retired members (sworn and unsworn) and all other friends, family and proud supporters of policing, the ride is not only a wonderful commemoration of service and sacrifice , but also a fantastic social event for enthusiastic motorcyclists across Australia in celebration of the police family.

Find out more on the social links and website link below, where you can also purcase merchandise.  If you'd like to ride with the Blue Knights ® this year, please get in touch with your local Chapter for details.  Following the ride we all get together for a dinner with all Chapters and our Red, Orange and White Knights brethren.


Remembering Mates

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W2W 2019 - approach to Parliament House, Canberra

W2W 2019 - approach to Parliament House, Canberra

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W2W 2019 - BKAUS II - up the Hill

W2W 2019 - BKAUS II - up the Hill

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