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Awards and Recognition

The Blue Knights® consider the awarding of honours within the Australian Honours System to be a matter of pride and respect for all of our colleagues that have put themselves in harm's way or just made a difference.

Our combined professions are the thin blue line that stands in the way of criminality becoming a way of life for some in our community.  We stand forward of the general public and protect them from harm. 

Like the knights of old we step forward when others turn and flee; we protect the weak and vulnerable from harm. If you know of a worthy knight or one of our friends, consider a nomination to acknowledge a worthy deed that deserves to be recognised.

We encourage you to nominate other Blue Knights
® for awards in any of the National or State honours or the Blue Knights® International honours systems. If you feel that it would be advantageous for the nominee's Chapter to support the nomination we would be happy to assist, based on the case by case merits.

Below you will find button links to the various authorities where you can make nominations.

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